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10 Best High Top Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support – [ Ultimate Guide ]

Good basketball shoes are super important when you play. They make you better on the court and keep you safe from getting hurt. High top basketball shoes with ankle support are especially good for this. In this blog, we’ll talk about why these shoes are great, why it’s important to avoid injuries, and what to check when buying high top basketball shoes with ankle support.


1. Nike Mens Lebron XIX 19 “Space Jam Basketball Shoes

lebron james basketball shoes with ankle support

Nike’s Lebron XIX 19 “Space Jam Basketball Shoes” are packed with cool stuff. They’ve got a new cushioning system that mixes Max Air and Zoom Air. The Max Air helps handle the impact, while the Zoom Air helps you move fast on the court. The bottom of the shoe looks like valves and tubes, showing off what’s inside.

One really cool thing is the inner fit sleeve. It wraps around your foot, making sure the shoe fits just right. This makes it comfy and supportive when you’re playing. Plus, the outer layer is thin and see-through but still tough, so your foot stays in place without making the shoe heavy.

The bottom of the shoe has a special pattern that looks like LeBron’s crown logo. It gives you great grip when you’re making quick moves on the court. Also, there are cushioned parts in the tongue and collar that make your ankles and the top of your foot feel comfy and supported.


  1. New Cushioning: They’ve put Max Air and Zoom Air together under the front of the shoe. It helps soften the impact and pushes you forward on the court.
  2. Great Fit: The inside of the shoe fits your foot perfectly, making it comfy and secure when you’re playing.
  3. Tough and Light: Outside, there’s a thin, see-through layer that’s really strong but doesn’t make the shoe heavy. It keeps your foot in place and stops it from moving around too much.


  1. Complex Aesthetic: The shoe’s design might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The bottom looks like valves and tubes, which could be too much for some people. If you prefer a simpler, cleaner look, this detailed style might not be your thing.

2. Under Armour UA Curry 8 NM Team Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes with ankle support of steph curry

The Under Armour UA Curry 8 NM Team are different from the rest. They’re super light because they don’t have any rubber. That means you feel the court better when you play. Instead of rubber, they use UA Flow tech, giving you a great bounce that’s not like the usual stuff. With this design, you get an amazing connection with the court and some awesome rebound power from UA Flow, making your game really special.


  1. Revolutionary UA Flow Tech: These basketball shoes ditch rubber for UA Flow tech, cutting weight and making a direct connection with the court. This unique design boosts UA Flow’s rebound, giving an amazing bounce.
  2. Great Grip: UA Flow tech grips the court like a boss, stopping slips and wasted steps. It builds confidence and lets you move quick and sharp, making it easy to dodge defenders.
  3. Comfy and Strong: UA Flow foam not only grips but also cushions landings for comfy long play. The stretchy upper with inner lacing keeps your foot snug and cool. The tough external heel support adds durability, making these shoes last longer.


Limited Versatility: The shoes’ rubberless design makes them light and great for feeling the court, but it might limit how well they work on different surfaces. They’re top-notch indoors, but they might not grip as well or last as long outside or on rougher courts. If you play on different surfaces, this limited performance might be a downside.

3. Nike Men’s Lace – Up Basketball Shoes

nike shoes with ankle support for basketball

Get better at basketball with Nike’s high-top shoes. They mix cool tech with comfort and support. The Nike Men’s Lace-Up Basketball Shoes are special because of Nike Renew tech. They’ve got foam inside and a strong outside layer. This combo makes them soft, bouncy, and super responsive. Plus, a Zoom Air unit soaks up force and boosts your energy, making your steps on the court even better.


  1. Nike Renew Tech: These shoes use Nike Renew tech, with soft foam inside and a tougher layer outside. That means they’re comfy, bouncy, and tough, giving you energy with every step on the court.
  2. Cool Upper Design: The top part of the shoe is made of lightweight mesh in layers. It fits snug and gives good support where you need it most, making you feel steady and comfy while playing.
  3. Funky Traction: The rubber bottom has a cool pattern inspired by sound waves. It grips the court really well in all directions. It’s a nod to KD’s love for music and adds a stylish touch to these functional shoes.


  1. Limited Durability for Outdoor Courts: Even though the shoe’s sole is made to last on outdoor courts, some people might notice it doesn’t hold up as well as they hoped. Using it a lot outside could make it wear down faster, shortening how long the shoes last overall.

4. Under Armour Curry Flow 9 Team Basketball Shoes

curry basketball shoes with ankle support

Get ready for top-level performance with the Under Armour Curry Flow 9. They’re made for versatility and quick moves on the court. The sizes listed are for men, but they work for both men and women—just add 1.5 to find the right size in US women’s sizes.


  1. Advanced UA WARP Upper Technology: Take your game to the next level with UA WARP upper tech. It’s made to boost comfort and control when you’re making quick moves in basketball. This cool feature gives you great support and flexibility, helping you feel confident and move smoothly on the court.
  2. Convenient Slip-On Design: Slipping into these basketball shoes is a piece of cake. Thanks to the breathable mesh tongue and easy pull tab, it’s a quick and hassle-free routine before the game. Plus, the molded collar in the upper part adds extra comfort, giving you a snug fit that makes your playing experience even better.
  3. Optimized Energy Return and Comfort: Feel more energetic with the TPE-blend sockliner that bounces back better. This smart design boosts overall comfort in the shoe and makes your moves more responsive, especially during your most active plays.


  1. Potential Sizing Confusion: The sizing setup, although fitting both men and women, might be tricky for some who aren’t familiar with the conversion. Figuring out the right size might be confusing, which could cause problems with how the shoes fit and feel. Remembering to adjust by 1.5 sizes for the equivalent US women’s size is really important to get the right fit.

5. Jordan Men’s 6 Rings Basketball Shoes

jordan high top basketball shoes with ankle support

Step up your basketball game with the Jordan Men’s 6 Rings shoes. They blend iconic design with top-notch performance, honoring Michael Jordan’s legacy by bringing together elements from all six of his championship wins.


  1. Legacy-Inspired Design
  2. Multi-Sport Versatility
  3. Responsive Cushioning


  1. Bulkier Design

6. Nike Giannis Immortality Basketball Shoes

Nike Giannis Immortality Basketball Shoes with great support

Take your basketball skills to new heights with the high-top Nike Giannis Immortality. They’re all about dynamic design and pushing the boundaries of performance. Designed with help from NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo, these shoes promise to mix style with serious functionality on the court.


  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo-Inspired Design
  2. Enhanced Traction and Grip
  3. Responsive Cushioning Technology


  1. Limited Breathability

7. adidas Harden Vol. 4

harden high top basketball shoes

The high-top adidas Harden Vol. 4 bring a burst of color to your athletic collection. Their lace-up design and vibrant knit-like upper not only amp up your workout style but also provide a snug fit. Plus, with extra padding in the tongue and collar, these shoes are all about keeping you comfy, making them a great pick for on-court performance.


  1. Eye-Catching Design
  2. Comfortable Interior
  3. Lightweight and Durable Construction


  1. Limited Ventilation

8. Nike Mens Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoes

high top basketball shoes for training

Get ready for top-notch comfort and awesome style with the high-top Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIV 14. They’re made for peak performance on the court, blending breathability, durability, and a cool tech-inspired look seamlessly.


  1. Breathable Inner Bootie
  2. Tech-Inspired Aesthetics
  3. Durable Woven Forefoot


  1. Traditional Tongue and Laces

9. PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

white basketball shoes with high top support for ankle

Take your on-court performance to new heights with the PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes. They’re a combo of seamless integrated weaving and a hot-melt process that put comfort and support first for your feet. These shoes shake up your basketball game with smart features meant for durability and top-notch gameplay.


  1. Integrated Weaving and Hot-Melt Process
  2. PEAK STA Stabilization Module
  3. Outdoor RB Upgraded Wear-Resistant Rubber


  1. Potentially Heavy Design

10. Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoe

budget basketball shoes with ankle support

Get ready for top-level performance with the Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6. It’s a great example of how Under Armour aims to boost athletes through smart design and a drive for excellence.


  1. Versatile Temperature Control Technology
  2. Originating Excellence
  3. Unisex Appeal


  1. Complex Product Range


Enhanced Ankle Stability

High-top basketball shoes are made to give better stability and support to the ankle. They have a higher collar that wraps around the ankle, keeping it snug and lowering the chances of rolling or twisting when you’re moving fast, jumping, or landing. Having this extra ankle support really cuts down the risk of sprains or other ankle-related injuries.

Injury Prevention

Ankle injuries are common in basketball due to all the quick movements and jumps. Wearing high-top basketball shoes that give ankle support is a good way to avoid these injuries. These shoes keep your ankle stable and snug, which helps prevent sudden movements that could strain or sprain your ankles or even lead to fractures.

Increased Confidence

Feeling confident that your ankles are well-supported can really boost your game in basketball. High-top basketball shoes give you that assurance, letting you focus on playing without worrying about injuries. This confidence helps you move more freely, make sharp turns, and perform at your best.

Importance of Preventing Injury do tu stigo

  1. Continued Performance: Basketball injuries, especially to your ankles, can really affect how well you can play. A bad injury might mean time off, rehab, or even the end of your basketball days. Wearing high top basketball shoes that support your ankles can lower the chances of getting hurt. That way, you can keep on playing the game you adore without any breaks.
  2. Long-term Health: Injuries mess with your game right away and can stick around for a long time. Keep hurting your ankles, and you might end up with long-lasting pain, wobbly joints, and a bigger chance of more injuries later on. Doing things to stop injuries, like wearing the right shoes, helps keep your joints healthy and makes sure you stay in good shape overall.


nba star nikola jokic wearing high top basketball shoes

Consider High-Top Designs

Try getting basketball shoes with high tops—they cover and support your ankles better. Brands like Nike and Adidas usually make these kinds of shoes in their basketball lines.

Check for Ankle Straps or Collars

Shoes that come with extra ankle straps or cushioned collars can give more support to your ankles. They keep your feet snug, stopping them from moving in ways that might cause sprains or injuries.

Evaluate Cushioning Technology

Look for shoes that have fancy cushioning tech like Nike’s Zoom Air or Adidas’s Boost. These not only make your feet comfy but also soak up the shock when you jump or stop fast. That helps ease the pressure on your ankles.

Consider Brand Reputation

Big basketball shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Jordan, and Reebok spend a lot on research to make shoes that work great and also help prevent injuries.

Test Traction

Make sure the shoes have good traction for fast moves. Look at the pattern and material on the bottom to make sure they grip well on the basketball court.

What to Look for When Buying High Top Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support

  1. Ankle Support: Look for comfy, cushioned ankle collars that reach above your ankle bone. They should give you good support without limiting your moves.
  2. Materials and Build: Tough materials and solid construction make shoes last longer and support your ankles better. Go for shoes with strong stitching and sturdy upper materials.
  3. Cushioning: Because basketball is all about high-impact moves, get shoes with cushioning that responds well. Nike Air or Adidas Boost tech can help reduce stress on your joints and lower injury risks.
  4. Grip: You need shoes with a strong rubber sole and a pattern that grips well in all directions. This helps you make quick moves and keeps you steady on the court.
  5. Comfortable Fit: Find shoes that fit snugly all around your foot, including the ankle, without hurting anywhere. Try different sizes and brands to get the right fit for your feet.


In basketball, the moves are quick and tough on your ankles. That’s why having shoes that support your ankles is super important. The sideways shuffles, sudden stops, jumps, and quick turns really stress your ankles out, making them more likely to get hurt with twists or sprains.

Basketball shoes are made just for this game. They have high collars, strong ankle support, and lots of cushioning. All of that keeps your ankles stable and stops them from moving too much. This doesn’t just lower the chance of getting hurt, it also helps players move confidently and powerfully on the court.

Good ankle support in basketball shoes does a few things: it keeps your ankles aligned right, soaks up the impact from all that movement, and makes sure your shoes fit snugly. That way, players can handle the tough game without stressing out their ankles too much.


Getting high top basketball shoes with good ankle support is a smart move for any basketball player. They give extra stability to your ankles, help prevent injuries, and make you feel more sure-footed when you play. When you focus on having the right ankle support, you lower the chances of getting hurt, do better in your games, and keep enjoying basketball for a long time.

Remember to think about the important things when you’re picking out these shoes. That way, you’ll get the best fit, feel comfy, and have the support you need. So put on those shoes, head to the court, and play with confidence. You’ve got the right gear to keep you safe and playing your best.


  1. Are high top basketball shoes better for ankle support?

High top basketball shoes are made just for giving extra help to your ankles. Their higher collar wraps around your ankle, making it more stable and lowering the chance of rolling or twisting it. They give more support than low-top shoes, but how much support you want really comes down to what you like and how you play.

  1. Do high top basketball shoes prevent ankle injuries?

Wearing high top basketball shoes with ankle support can lower the chance of hurting your ankles. The extra stability and tight fit from the higher collar give more protection when you’re making quick moves on the court. But remember, even with these shoes, there’s still a chance of getting hurt. Doing exercises to stay fit, warming up, and using the right techniques when you play are also really important for stopping ankle injuries.

  1. Are high top basketball shoes less comfortable than low-top shoes?

Comfort is different for everyone. High top basketball shoes give more help to your ankles, but some players might not find them as comfy as low-top shoes because they fit snugly around the ankle. But things have gotten better with shoe tech and materials, so lots of players now feel comfy wearing high tops for longer times when they play.

  1. Can high top basketball shoes limit mobility or restrict movement?

High top basketball shoes aim to support your ankles without making it hard to move around. These days, the designs focus on giving you both support and flexibility. They keep you steady when you move sideways, jump, or land, but they still let your feet and ankles move the way they need to for fast turns and agility on the court.

  1. Do all basketball players need high top basketball shoes?

Not every basketball player needs high top basketball shoes with ankle support. It’s all about what you like, how you play, and what feels comfy for you. Some players who’ve had ankle problems or like the extra help might do well with high tops. But if your ankles are strong, you feel stable, or you like more freedom to move, mid-top or low-top shoes might be your thing. What matters most is finding the shoe that fits your needs and gives you both support and comfort.