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Skateboarding Ankle Brace

Skateboarding is an exhilarating sport that combines skill, creativity, and a passion for pushing boundaries. However, it’s no secret that skateboarding can be physically demanding and sometimes even risky. One of the most common injuries skateboarders face is ankle sprains, which can lead to weeks or even months of recovery time. That’s where the skateboarding ankle brace comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of ankle support for skateboarders and how an ankle brace can help protect and prevent injuries while enhancing your skateboarding experience.

Table: Best Skateboarding Ankle Braces in 2023

1. Space Brace 2.0

Close-up photo of a skateboarder's ankle supported by a sturdy ankle brace

The Space Brace 2.0 Quick Lace Ankle Brace is a cutting-edge solution tailored for skateboarders. With its innovative Quick Lace Technology, application is a breeze – simply release the Velcro straps, slip in your foot, and effortlessly secure it, even with just one hand. This unisex brace offers both speed and stability, while its protective plastic inserts guard against ankle injuries caused by daring tricks. The detachable cover strap enhances customization and support, ensuring unrestricted mobility. Packed with additional features like a ventilated tongue and adjustable straps, this sleek, non-bulky design is your ultimate companion for injury prevention, protection, and recovery during a wide range of sports and leisure activities, from snowboarding to basketball. Durable and comfortable, it seamlessly fits into any footwear, boot, or binding, making it the ideal choice for adventurers of all kinds.


A skateboarder demonstrating the use of an ankle support device for added stability and safety

Experience unparalleled ankle protection with the ARYSE IFAST ankle brace and stabilizer, a game-changer for skateboarding. This innovative brace ensures you can push your limits without worrying about ankle injuries, giving skateboarders the freedom to focus entirely on their performance. It’s like having an extra set of ligaments, offering superior stability and protection, allowing you to regain control of your movements on the skateboard. Don’t leave your safety to chance; invest in IFAST’s ankle support to safeguard your skateboarding endeavors. Plus, its slim design comfortably fits into your favorite skate shoes, ensuring a secure fit without any discomfort or bulkiness. Say goodbye to traditional taping or braces; the IFAST ankle stabilizer outperforms them all, providing unmatched protection and unrestricted mobility, empowering skateboarders to excel.

3. McDavid MD4311-01-35

Image of a person wearing an ankle brace for safety skateboarding

The McDavid MD4311-01-35 stands out as an exceptional choice for skateboarders, offering unparalleled advantages for those who crave speed and agility. Featuring the Speed Step-In Entry system, it guarantees a hassle-free on/off experience without the encumbrance of laces, ideal for skateboarders seeking a quick transition. Its streamlined fit and material-free forefoot ensure comfort even within the tightest performance footwear, all while being impressively 40% lighter than conventional ankle braces. The advanced design, coupled with non-slip straps, provides performance-enhancing support while maintaining an ideal range of motion—an essential feature for skateboarding maneuvers. The PATENT PENDING exo-ligament support stays, combined with vertical tension stirrup straps, deliver advanced medial/lateral stability, offering skateboarders the confidence to tackle challenging tricks. While initially designed for various sports like football, volleyball, and more, its lightweight and supportive design make it a valuable asset for skateboarders looking to elevate their game.

The Vulnerability of Ankles in Skateboarding

Skateboarding involves a wide range of movements, such as jumping, landing, pivoting, and balancing. These actions put immense strain on the ankles, making them particularly vulnerable to injuries. Ankle sprains, strains, and fractures are all too common among skateboarders, and they can significantly impact your ability to skate and enjoy the sport.

Ankle braces can be beneficial for preventing certain types of injuries in skateboarding, but they may not provide adequate protection for all injuries or conditions. Ankle braces are primarily designed to support and stabilize the ankle joint, making them most effective for preventing or managing the following types of injuries:

  1. Sprains: Ankle braces can help prevent ankle sprains, which are common in skateboarding when riders land awkwardly or twist their ankles. The brace provides extra support to the ligaments around the ankle, reducing the risk of sprains.
  2. Rolling or Inversion Injuries: Skateboarders often experience rolling or inversion injuries when their ankle rolls outward. Ankle braces can limit excessive ankle movement in this direction, helping to prevent these injuries.
  3. Tendonitis: Ankle braces may provide relief for skateboarders with tendonitis or overuse injuries. They can help reduce strain on the tendons by providing support and limiting excessive movement.

However, it’s essential to understand that ankle braces may not be effective for preventing all types of injuries, and there are certain injuries or conditions for which they may not be suitable or could even be detrimental:

  1. Fractures: Ankle braces are not designed to provide sufficient protection against fractures or broken bones. If you suspect a fracture, it’s crucial to seek medical attention and use a cast or splint as prescribed by a healthcare professional.
  2. Severe Ligament Tears: In cases of severe ligament tears or complete ruptures, ankle braces may not provide enough support. Surgery or more extensive medical intervention may be necessary.
  3. Chronic Instability: Some individuals have chronic ankle instability due to repeated injuries. Ankle braces may help, but it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider or orthopedic specialist for a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan.
  4. Preexisting Medical Conditions: If you have certain preexisting medical conditions or circulatory problems, wearing an ankle brace without consulting a healthcare professional may not be safe. Always seek medical advice before using any medical device.

In summary, ankle braces can be a valuable tool for preventing specific ankle injuries in skateboarding, such as sprains and rolling injuries. However, their effectiveness can vary based on individual circumstances, and they may not provide adequate protection for all types of ankle injuries or conditions. If you have concerns about ankle injuries or require specialized support, consult with a healthcare provider or orthopedic specialist for personalized guidance and recommendations.

Benefits of a Skateboarding Ankle Brace

  1. Enhanced Stability and Support: A skateboarding ankle brace provides stability and support to the ankle joint, reducing the risk of twists and sprains. It features straps and reinforcements that hold the ankle in a secure position, preventing excessive movement and providing added protection against sudden impacts.
  2. Injury Prevention: An ankle brace acts as a preventive measure against potential injuries. By providing extra support and limiting the range of motion, it reduces the likelihood of sprains and strains. This is especially crucial for skateboarders who frequently land tricks, perform stunts, and encounter uneven surfaces.
  3. Quick Recovery and Rehabilitation: In the unfortunate event of an ankle injury, wearing an ankle brace can aid in the recovery process. It helps immobilize the ankle, allowing the damaged ligaments and tissues to heal properly. An ankle brace can also be worn during rehabilitation exercises to provide additional support and stability, facilitating a faster and more effective recovery.
  4. Comfort and Flexibility: Modern skateboarding ankle braces are designed with comfort and flexibility in mind. They are constructed using lightweight, breathable materials that allow for natural movement without compromising support. Many models are adjustable, ensuring a personalized fit that adapts to individual foot sizes and shapes.

Choosing the Right Skateboarding Ankle Brace

When selecting a skateboarding ankle brace, consider the following factors:

  1. Size and Fit: Ensure the ankle brace fits snugly without being too tight or restricting circulation. It should provide adequate support without causing discomfort or hindering your skateboarding performance.
  2. Level of Support: Different ankle braces offer varying levels of support, ranging from mild to maximum. Consider the specific requirements of your ankles and choose a brace that matches your needs.
  3. Durability and Quality: Invest in a well-constructed ankle brace made from high-quality materials. Look for features such as reinforced straps, adjustable closures, and breathable fabrics to ensure long-lasting performance.


  1. Why do I need an ankle brace for skateboarding?

An ankle brace provides essential support and stability to your ankle joint, which is particularly vulnerable to injuries while skateboarding. It helps prevent ankle sprains, strains, and fractures by limiting excessive movement and protecting the ligaments. An ankle brace can enhance your confidence, reduce the risk of injury, and allow you to skate with more control and agility.

  1. Can I still perform tricks and maneuvers while wearing an ankle brace?

Yes, many modern ankle braces are designed to provide support without hindering your skateboarding performance. Look for ankle braces that offer a balance between stability and flexibility. These braces are typically made from lightweight, breathable materials and feature adjustable straps or laces, allowing you to maintain a full range of motion while ensuring adequate support for your ankles.

  1. How do I choose the right size of ankle brace?

Choosing the correct size of ankle brace is crucial for optimal support and comfort. Most ankle braces come in different sizes, so it’s important to measure your ankle accurately. Follow the manufacturer’s sizing guide and consider the circumference of your ankle and the length of your foot. It’s essential to ensure a snug fit that provides support without being too tight or causing discomfort. If you’re uncertain, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek advice from a healthcare professional.

  1. Can I wear an ankle brace with my skateboarding shoes?

Yes, ankle braces are designed to be worn with skateboarding shoes. Most ankle braces are low-profile and can easily fit inside your shoes without causing discomfort. However, it’s important to choose the right size and style of ankle brace that can be comfortably accommodated within your skateboarding shoes. Ensure that your shoes provide enough room to accommodate the brace without compromising your comfort or mobility.

  1. Should I wear an ankle brace even if I haven’t had any ankle injuries?

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your ankles. Even if you haven’t experienced any ankle injuries in the past, wearing an ankle brace can significantly reduce the risk of future injuries. An ankle brace provides an extra layer of support and stability, helping to prevent common skateboarding injuries such as sprains and strains. By wearing an ankle brace proactively, you can enjoy skateboarding with added confidence and minimize the chances of potential ankle issues.